Carving Instructions:

1. Remove Drumstick & Thigh

drum and thigh

Remove the drumstick and thigh by pressing the leg away from the body of the bird. The joint connecting the leg to the backbone will often snap free, or may be severed easily with a knife point

2. Slicing Dark Meat

carve dark meat

Place the drumstick and thigh on a separate plate and cut through the connecting joint. Both pieces may be individually sliced. Tilt drumstick to convenient angle, slicing towards plate.

3. Slicing Thigh

carve thigh

Hold Firmly on plate with fork. Cut even slices parallel to the bone.

4. Preparing the Breast

prepare breast

Place knife parallel and as close to the wing as possible. Make a deep cut into the breast, cutting right to the bone. This is your base cut. All breast slices stop at this horizontal cut.

5. Carving Breast

carve breast

Carve downward, ending at base cut. Start each new slice slightly higher up on the breast. Keep slices thin and even.


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